Radiant Wellcare Summit 2018

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I had a nice walk on my local beach the other day–contemplating life and especially the second half–this is the year I turn 50. I am particularly proud of where my life is headed. Collaborating with a handful of other dedicated lovers of the future and warriors of life to create a legacy for the well being of communities globally.

Consensus in many social circles suggests that we are not really taking good enough care of our selves –mind body spirit. The focus of our fast paced world is often on the outer expression of life. manifesting in all aspects of our lives: our expression of success—cars and clothing/fashion (second largest contributor to fucking up our planet if you haven’t heard) –our homes (they need to be bigger and more bling’d out while not caring as much for how well they are built as long as they look good)

I am not ranting just observing…As it pertains to health and how we ultimately thrive on the planet –this group I am helping spearhead–the RADIANT GROUP is bent on addressing the future of wellness….we are focusing attention on how we SEE THE FUTURE of wellness—do we keep walking down this road treating symptoms of illness –giving our kids pills to deal with anxiety and depression or do we address the real root of disease?????

This contemplative question and many more will be asked at the first annual Radiant Wellcare Summit in May this year. We have created a space in a wilderness setting where we are bringing all healing modalities together to create synergistic answers for these topics. We will not solve all of the worlds Health problems but we can create a strong focused voice for the future of well being.

JOIN US –for an experience like no other—we all need to take a stand for our future : calling all healers from conventional doctors – to coaches and wilderness guides to a new kind of dialogue:

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