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Flow state – What is it ? How do we achieve it ? Who has it more than others ? who is defining it and does it have a range of meanings ? All good questions and that is what this channel is all about trying to answer. Have a look around tell us what you think –dive into some of the videos to find something that resembles FLOW.

To define it in words is not easy because it means so many things to so many different people. IN as few words as possible it is ….The state of being where your subconscious mind -body connection is a state of harmony. where the conscious mind does not disturb the deeper inner workings of the body and psyche–some would say the spirit as we perform our daily routines and our daily  “not so routine activities…”

In all the conversations about Flow I have had over the years one thing is certain and irrefutable –that Flow state is not something reserved for battle  or for athletes. Others describe being in the Flow state or IN SPIRIT –inspired as cooks, musicians, mechanics , woodworkers, poets and gymnasts alike.

Join us as we explore the definitions and the stories behind very unique and productive human condition known as the zone, in spirit, in FLOW.

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