With thousands of days of leading/facilitating wilderness retreats and expeditions we have had the opportunity to deliver unique life changing experiences for Entrepreneurs, business owners, managers and CEOs.   Here’s a testimonial from one of our clients:

I was put in charge of delivering a “once in a lifetime” calibre experience for 8 highly experienced entrepreneurs.  George listened carefully to our needs and abilities and collaborated with me to develop a great game that was tailored specifically to us.  It would be a plan that would take people well off the beaten path, challenge everyone both physically and mentally and ultimately, blow everyone’s minds.  George was able to deliver a program that did all that and then some! We all have many great memories, new skills and amazing photos/videos to show for it.    I would highly recommend George to anyone looking to do something that falls under the ‘amazing experience’ category!

Chris Jones –Owner –Entrix Sports. Canadian Sporting goods distributor based in Calgary Alberta.