George Gabara the founder of  brings visual story telling to the remote wilderness–to the virtual wilderness and to the real wilderness. With thousands of days of leading/facilitating retreats and expeditions he has had the opportunity to deliver unique life changing experiences for people in all walks of life.

Marrying his passion for a good story telling with thousands of days leading groups in the outdoors he helps people uncover their own HERO’s Journey. Through the interview process and the films that creates  the tribe of seekers and wild hearted spirits go on FEARLESS Journeys to the center of themselves, journeys that tap into the collective soul and to the rejuvenating power found in nature.

Entrepreneurs, business owners, managers and CEOs bring their primary stake holders on guided workshops and retreats to help develop lasting shifts in perspective. Cleverly crafted experiences in the wilderness bring teams together –communication and relate-ability soars –authenticity deepens at all levels.


Here’s a testimonial from one of our clients:

I was put in charge of delivering a “once in a lifetime” calibre experience for 8 highly experienced entrepreneurs.  George listened carefully to our needs and abilities and collaborated with me to develop a great game that was tailored specifically to us.  It would be a plan that would take people well off the beaten path, challenge everyone both physically and mentally and ultimately, blow everyone’s minds.  George was able to deliver a program that did all that and then some! We all have many great memories, new skills and amazing photos/videos to show for it.    I would highly recommend George to anyone looking to do something that falls under the ‘amazing experience’ category!

Chris Jones –Owner –Entrix Sports. Canadian Sporting goods distributor based in Calgary Alberta.